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Make it marketable!

 By changing the flooring you can change the look of a room completely and influence how prospective buyers will see the size, shape and function of that room.

Flooring to help you sell

According to house-selling expert Sarah Beeny, getting the flooring right when you’re selling a house is one of her 5 top tips. ‘…make sure surfaces are cleaned and focus on floors, too. A sparkling floor will instantly lift the room.’

That’s not her only tip either when it comes to getting a house ready to sell. Sarah also recommends neutral colours to make it easy for the buyer to adapt to their own tastes. ‘Neutral colours won’t put any buyer off. Potential buyers walking through your home will be able to plan to put their own stamp on the house without having to remove yours first.’*
A small investment on the right floor could make the sales process much quicker and might even increase the value of your property. 

Improve to move

According to Sarah Beeny, improving the condition of your house with some fine cosmetic touches can add up to £5000 to the asking price of the average home. Sarah’s tips include removing clutter and ensuring that first impressions count with a good clean garden, path and doorway, but once someone is in the house it’s the condition of the walls and floors that make all the difference. They’re what you’re going to be leaving behind after all.

A clean and tidy house sells quicker than a house that looks dirty or worn. A quick refresh of worn, damaged or stained carpets can make all the difference when it comes to a quick sale.

Ask us for guidance on our range of floors for every room in the house.


Flooring Trends

As the saying goes, the floor is a ‘statement piece’ in any home that can never go out fashion. It needs to stay current and be adaptable to changing trends.

Trends are important but it depends on the reason for you putting down new flooring. For example, light and blonde woods have been fashionable but for 2018 there’s a trend towards greys and dark brown tones. Bolder colours are en vogue for flooring as brighter colours are used for accessories.

Dark wood floors are perfect for both the clean, modern look but also for the eclectic and inspired room. 

However, if you’re freshening up the flooring to sell a property you might want to stick to light neutral colours to give the impression of a home that will be easy to personalise.


At Floor Style, we understand that because you are moving, you do not want to spend a lot on improving, as you are going to be leaving it all behind.

Changing the flooring is not as expensive as you might think. Here are a few tips on how to maximise the look.

  • Feltback carpets start from as little as £4.95mt2.
  • Keep it neutral and impersonal.
  • Use the same flooring all over to make it look bigger.
  • Rugs can add a bit of colour and style, and you can take them with you.


Ask us for guidance on our range of floors for every room in the house.



Just Moved?


Make your new home your own

 Congratulations on your new home. We hope you have many happy years there and create a home to truly reflect your style and personality.

If you are looking to put your own personal touch on it, or if you want to simply freshen things up, then Floor Style can give you help and guidance to do just that.

Did you know that by simply replacing the flooring you can change the look of a room completely. You can put your own style and taste into your new house and make it feel like home in no time at all.
How we can help

We’re experts in flooring. It’s what we do. As a local business experienced in the flooring trade, we pride ourselves in the level of service we offer you. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or for guidance and advice our friendly service is here to help you. We don’t pressure sell and we pride ourselves in making you feel like you’re in charge – it’s your Floor and your Style.

We keep up to date with the newest trends so we can help you choose something that you will enjoy coming home to again and again. Whether you’re improving a property to sell, personalising your new home or simply freshening up a room, we have a huge range of flooring options and all the expertise to ensure you get just what you’re looking for. Here's what we offer...

  • from spending time with you to find out your likes and dislikes...
  • to helping with advice about the latest styles and colours...
  • to coming to your home to measure...
  • to arranging the fitting with expert tradesmen.
As well as the web site, we also have one of the largest selections of flooring around, set out in our showroom to make choosing a pleasurable experience.
  • We have 100s of rolls of carpet and vinyl in stock for immediate delivery
  • We buy in bulk to save you money.
  • Fast delivery on non stock items
  • Free estimates
  • Free local delivery.
Worry free fitting

Our friendly experts can take the hassle and stress out of fitting your new flooring. With over 30 years of experience you can be happy in the knowledge that not only can we help you choose the right flooring for any room, we can also make sure that it looks just the way you hoped when it’s laid and settled.

Arrange a Free Measure/Quote

With a wide range of flooring to suit every room in the house it can get a bit complicated when it comes to measuring and pricing. We can provide estimates and offer a measuring service to ensure you get what you need, eliminating the worry of getting it wrong.

It's a good idea to have your sizes with you when you call to pick your new flooring. We can then give you an idea of cost and the best products to show you for your budget. Click here to go to our diy measuring guide. (This guide is only intended to help achive that aim and does not replace our profesional measuring service.) You can arrange your free measuring apointment in advance here if you prefer.

 Why not call in and see for yourself or get in touch to arrange a date for measuring. Call in, phone or Contact Us

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