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Make it Marketable! 
By changing the flooring you can change the look of a room completely and influence how prospective buyers will see the size, shape and function of that room.

At Floor Style, we understand that because you are moving, you do not want to spend a lot on improving, as you are going to be leaving it all behind.
Changing the flooring is not as expensive as you might think. Here are a few tips on how to maximise the look.

  • Feltback carpets start from as little as £4.95mt2.
  • Keep it neutral and impersonal.
  • Use the same flooring all over to make it look bigger.
  • Rugs can add a bit of colour and style, and you can take them with you.

Improve your home to maximise its potential? That way, you can enjoy it while you live there, and make the most of its future value.
How can we help? 
  • Free Advice. 
  • Here to help with the latest styles and products available.
  • Take the worry out of measuring and arranging fitters.
  • Free delivery.
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