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Double Edge Door Bar Gold .91mt

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SKU: Double Edge Door Bar Gold .91mt

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£5.00 Each

Quick Overview

Double Edge Door Bar Gold .91mt Used to Finnish carpet to a door saddle or to vinyl etc.


Double Edge Door Bar Gold .91mt. Used to Finnish carpet to a door saddle or to vinyl etc.


Colour Gold
Length/Thickness .91mt
Profile Dual/Double


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Are you ready?

Are you ready?


A quality installation is critical to the performance of your flooring, and as a valued customer of Floor Style we want to ensure that the installation of your new flooring goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some reminders of what you need to do... 

Before your fitters arrive to install your new flooring, you are responsible for...

tick mark 1.    CLEARING YOUR ROOM.— This is the job nobody likes to do, but it is necessary to enable the flooring to be fitted properly and for certain guarantees be valid. It also keeps the costs down if you do it yourself. * So, you will need to remove all the furniture etc. and of course, your old flooring. ** 
tick mark 2.    CHECKING YOUR SUBFLOOR— Make sure it is level, dry and has been brushed or cleaned (if required) ready for your new flooring to go down. ** Other things to look out for are any pipes or cables etc that are less than 20mm below the surface (they need to be clearly marked) and if the floor is a very hard or very soft construction, if we have to nail in grippers or door bars.(Ceramic Tiles are very hard and with new builds, there is sometimes insulation pretuding into the floor below the skirting making it too soft.) If this is the case we may need to glue the grippers and door bars down a few days in advance.* 
tick mark 3.    DOOR CLEARANCEMake sure there is enough clearance below any doors that open out onto the flooring, allowing for underlay if required. If the fitters do have to remove any doors for this reason, you will need to get them trimmed before they go back on. * 
tick mark 4.    CHECK STAIRS—  If you are having the stairs fitted with carpet then the most common problems are broken nosing’s, splits in the back of the steps (preventing grippers being fitted properly) and steps springing underfoot. ** Although carpet could still be fitted with some of these problems, and they may well have been in the past, it will affect the wear, and more importantly, could be a safety issue. Stairs are somewhere you don’t want to take any chances. *

    * If any of this presents a problem please inform us prior to the installation date as work can often be arranged at additional cost.

  ** If the fitter arrives and this work has not been done they may charge for their wasted journey and time.

After they arrive…..

tick mark 5.    CHECK FLOORING. — Mistakes are rare but can happen, so when the fitter arrives, please check your flooring for proper colour, texture and style and ensure there are no visible defects. It is necessary to have a responsible person present to carry this out as once the fitting has started you will have accepted the flooring. Claims cannot be made after the flooring has been cut or installed. We will always do our best to resolve any problems if it has been fitted, although there will be additional costs involved.

Following this advice will ensure there is no delay and your new flooring looks its best when fitted.

Handy advice if decorating...

Wallpaper after your new flooring is fitted. It is impossable to unroll and position your new flooring without touching the wall.

Do any painting before your flooring is fitted. (It is much eaiser to touch up areas, if necessary, after your new flooring is fitted.) Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the paint to dry properly. 

Important note about fitters:

Please remember that the floor fitters are only there to fit your new floor, and contrary to popular belief, they are not removal men, plumbers, electricians, tilers, appliance engineers or joiners (Ok, some are joiners if you are having wood fitted. I'll give you that one). If they have agreed to move furniture, they will do so with great care, but they will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of the furniture being moved or worked around.

All our fitters are very experienced and guarantee their work. They are totally independent and are only recommended by us for your convenience. Floor Style has no responsibility for fitting the flooring and do not warrant and shall have no liability in respect of the performance of the fitters we arrange for you. You are totally free to arrange your own fitter if you require.

Thank you for reading this. We hope it has been helpful. Our goal is for you to have a trouble free installation that will last a long time, so if you have any queries we would be more than happy to advise you.




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