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Got some carpet left over? Why not turn it into something useful.

Carpet Whiping and Binding. What is the difference?
Carpet whipping uses yarn and it is whipped around the edge of the carpet. We have 150 colours available in wool and man made fiber.
Carpet binding uses a tape and gives a different finish. Our portable binding machine is used for bigger rugs that won't fit through our whipping machine.
Pick your colour
If you don't want to leave it to us to to pick a sutiable colour then pick your own combanation. Go for something bold or bright to make it unique.
Create your own style
This is your opportunity to really express your Floor Style. Create your own rug with your own colours and shapes. If you have an idea then talk to us to see if it is possible.
Car Mats
Again, you can get something unique for your car or van. Make a stencil out of paper or cardboard and we will cut them to shape. 
Caravan Mats
Custom made mats will help protect your caravan and help you to put your own style into an area were you have, fixed fittings, that don't really let you change much. Make a stencil out of paper or cardboard or use the old mats if available.
Boat Mats
Give your boat more of a homely feel with a bit of carpet. Bespoke carpets can be easilly removed and stored when they are not needed.   
Circular Mats
Can't find a circular rug the size you want, then make your own. Got a recliner chair on a wooden floor. Then why not put a circular rug below it to protect the flooring.
Conservatory Mats
Fully fitted carpets are not usually and option for conseratories. You can make a few rugs and runners and have them all matching.  Custom made for your own Floor Style. Easy to roll up if you want to store them in the hottest months.
Sometimes it can be diffucult to find a runner the size you want. You might have a long hallway or you want a runner and a door mat to match your stair carpet. No problem. With our bespoke service we can do that. You can also get a runner for the stairs and maybe finnish the look with some stairrods.
How much does it cost?
It starts from only 75p per foot. For example, a 5'x3' rug would use 16' of binding and would cost £12. (There is a handling charge for large rugs.) Just bring us your off cuts and the size's you want them and we will cut them for you.

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