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Carpet Underlay

Why buy new underlay: 

We always recommend that underlay should be replaced when fitting new carpet or flooring.

If your carpet is worn out, then so is the underlay. 

Better Feel

  • Provides cushioning that makes carpet so comfortable and luxurious underfoot.
  • We use PU foam and sponge rubber underlays with high density for extra springiness.

Better look

  • Protects the carpet & keeps it looking new by extending its lifetime.
  • Carpet will keep its appearance as the underlay helps to prevent the pile from flattening


  • Underlay makes carpet LAST longer by up to 30%. 

Reducing Energy Costs

  • Reduces energy costs up to 15%
  • Underlay help prevent heat loss through the subfloor.
  • Most underlays have tog rating.

Reducing noise

  • Acts as a barrier to sound.
  • Specialist acoustic underlays for wood and laminate floors, can reduce the noise by 20%.

Easier to clean

  • Protecting the carpet pile makes it easier to clean and more hygienic.
  • Acts as a barrier to embedded dirt so reducing the “grinding” action when carpet is vacuumed. 


  • Ideal for young kids who usually spend a lot of time on the floor. Preventing injuries when learning to walk.

Feltback Carpets Need Underlay Too!!

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